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Classroom Tips For Your Home

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With the recent events and concerns swirling in society, there is a massive surge of parents accepting the responsibility of educating their own children.


Last year I left the public classroom to start virtual public school with two 6th graders. So while I do not have a lot of homeschool experience but I do know about the classroom and have extensive training and experience working with a wide range of children, personalities, abilities, and subjects for grades K-6.


I want to share some of my proven classroom tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your home.


I will blog about:

  • how to organize your teaching space and materials
  • how to intervene and help students who are struggling in certain subjects
  • how to push your children who master subjects quickly
  • resources and tools you can use for extra work
  • behavior management and reward systems
  • tips to share learning responsibilities with your child


Leave a comment below for more ideas you would like for me to share about!



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