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About SBC

The Company

A Hebrew woman-owned business, Shamai Book Company saw a need for more Hebrew written books in the Israelite community.  We create resources for adults and children to keep the feasts of the Most High God of Israel.  Help support this initiative by spreading the word and making these books a part of your personal library.  Shalawam wa barakatha (Peace and blessings to you)!

The Author

Inawah Yasharahla has been creating digital products and public school learning materials since 2012.  After coming to the truth of who she is, she turned her talents toward filling a void in the Israelite community.  A need for books made specifically for Hebrew Israelites and also non-Jewish resources pertaining to the feasts and holy days.  Her greatest joy is knowing she is contributing to the furthering of Ahayah's kingdom! 

The Inspiration

Keeping the holy days appointed in scripture was a commmandment to be passed down through the generations.

But due to the curses found in Deuteronomy 28, we have forgotten all the things we were told to remember---including the sabbath and the holy days.

The Mission & Vision

Shamai Book Company seeks to be an Ezekiel 3:17 watchman.

Telling the lost sheep of the house of Israel to turn back to the Most High and observe his Holy Days both physically and spiritually.

What Is “Shamai?



Shamai is a Hebrew word that means "listen" or "hear and do".  Through our publications we pray Israel will hear and do according to the Most High's Feasts

Our Free Services

Our online library contains our growing selection of free resources and downloads on a range of topics. New posts are being added monthly or sooner!


Topics include:

*Feast & holy day list and overview

*Understanding the Hebrew calendar

*Sabbath protocols

*Hebrew numbers and words

*Food preservation




Qawam Yasharahla!

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