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Save Your Apple Peels—Here’s Why!

Who doesn’t love homemade apple sauce or apple pie with a huge glob of cool whip?

Anyone who has made these deserts unfortunately knows there is a lot of waste generated that either ends up in the trash or compost pile.

But I want to offer you a third option—make apple scrap vinegar!

By further processing your peels and cores into vinegar, you can extract that final bit of healthy goodness before disposing of them.

Apple scrap vinegar

Benefits & Uses

While not as strong as apple cider vinegar (nope they are not the same so you can’t use it for food preservation), apple vinegar still offers many health benefits. A few include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Aids digestions
  • Aids weight loss

Apple vinegar is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Marinate meats, flavor bean and veggie dishes, tone your skin, and even clean your home! The “mother” created can also be used to inoculate future fermentation projects.

The Process In A Nutshell

Now to simply explain the process, you create a sugar and water solution in which to soak your scraps—this starts fermentation. During the fermentation process, you feed a bacteria colony (called the mother) which breaks down the scraps. After a few weeks, you will strain the mixture and allow it sit and gain acidity—this becomes the vinegar. Now you can either use your vinegar or water bath can it for long-term storage. (What is water-bath canning?)

Now, this process does require patience and some counter space. The process lasts several weeks or even months depending on your tastes. It is a great way to disrupt our dependence on grocery store provisions and create clean food to benefit our health.

How Its Made

Here are a few blogs detailing the process of making apple scrap vinegar. These are great places to start as they gives tips and pictures for each step of the process. 

If apples are not your thing—don’t worry. You can use other fruit as well such as pears and peaches. So after you’ve made your peach or pear cobbler, save your peels and cores, and make a delicious fruit vinegar.

Stark Bro’s. Apple Scrap Vinegar Recipe

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Prairie Homestead Apple Scrap Vinegar Recipe


Comment below if you find this post helpful or you have made apple scrap vinegar before. The community would love to hear from you!


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